Postural Re-Education Program

Posture Device

the first dynamic corrective posture device


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Posture Re-Education Program Includes:

  • VerteBar™ Posture Training:
    The WORLD’s ONLY Dynamic Posture Trainer in Existence
  • Custom Tailored Personal Training
  • Rebalance the Entire Body by Strengthening Specific Muscles to Counter Misfiring Ones
  • Flexibility Program Focused on Overlooked Hip Flexors, Chest, and Trunk Muscle
  • Comprehensive Total Body Manual/Assisted Strengthening
  • Start with this playlist to relieve your back and/or knee pain today! Back/Knee Pain Relief Videos 
Posture is so much more than just sitting upright

It is not easy to simply sit up straight. Our muscles and joints are not used to the upright position, causing discomfort while trying to establish better posture. Through the Posture Re-Education Program, the optimal posture becomes the favored posture. Bending forward from the hips aligns our entire body and supports our trunk, reducing risk for injury from the back, shoulders to knees, and beyond.

Takes 6-12 weeks for the muscles to adjust to new movement patterns, then approximately 12 weeks to build the muscle endurance to hold the new posture daily without pain.

Say Goodbye to Back pain, Hip, Knee, & Shoulder pain.

The ONLY Dynamic Corrective Postural Device VerteBar™ posture device is finally here, complete with basic and custom tailored workout programs! Sitting and standing upright is a great way to start easing your body and spine of excessive and damaging stresses, but it does not help us bend over better, which is when most lower back and other joint injuries occur.

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Experience the VerteBar™ Difference.

The VerteBar™ corrective posture device will help teach your body to use its own muscles in the most optimal movement patterns. Your muscles are your best defense against premature joint wear and tear.

We know it’s important to get our car’s tire alignment checked and realigned every several thousand miles, this is how we realign our body.
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