Through Live Liberated Fitness, Sheena pursues her mission to prove you can live a pain-free and active life. We succumb to joint injuries much too early in our long lives and it decreases our quality of life severely. Don’t stop moving. We aim to show you how great your body can feel. “Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes” – Amy Cuddy. Small alterations in your movement mechanics can be all the difference between pain and no pain.
Realize the difference with Live Liberated Fitness.

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Founder, Fitness Expert

Sheena is a Fitness Expert with over 12 years of work and education experience in Physical Therapy and Personal Training. An athlete all of her life, from martial arts to softball and tennis, Sheena has always loved the impressive abilities of the human body.

Her college career began in the pursuit of a Pharm D degree at University of the Pacific to become a Pharmacist. After working in a pharmacy, she quickly realized how over-medicated people are for health issues that could be prevented or controlled by proper physical activity and altering eating habits. Sheena realized she was more interested in learning about the muskuloskeletal system in depth. No stranger to joint injuries, Sheena suffered debilitating shin splints while playing softball in high school and no one knew how to help her, ending her career early. The school athletic trainer would tape up her entire lower legs in the vain attempt to help the pain. In the fall of her third year in college, Sheena broke her ankle badly in a skateboarding accident, which required surgery and took her out of school for several weeks. The following semester Sheena changed her major to Sports Medicine, earning a Bachelor of Arts, which set her up on the path to becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Upon graduation from Pacific, Sheena worked at innovative gyms and highly respected physical therapy clinics until she enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at University of Southern California. After excelling in anatomy, biomechanics, and therapeutic exercise, she felt an overwhelming passion for preventative measures, rather than trying to fix structures that are already damaged. She then made the challenging and courageous decision to leave the DPT program at USC to turn all her efforts toward Fitness, focusing on Injury Prevention and Trainer Education. Sheena invented VerteBar, the world’s only dynamic corrective posture device, which trains individuals to strengthen their body with optimal spinal alignment.

Sheena earned her BA in Sports Medicine and MA in Health, Exercise, and Sports Sciences from University of the Pacific. She holds certifications with NASM, NESTA, BootyBarre®, Schwinn, JumpSport, POP Pilates, and is a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher. Her specialties include Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Movement Mechanics, and reducing muscle/joint discomfort. In addition to working with clients in their homes/workplaces in San Francisco, Sheena has created Verte.Fit™ and Stretch Method™ classes, which she offers throughout the Silicon Valley.


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