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Check out my segment in this article, The Startup CEO’s Ultimate Guide to Combating Stress & ‘Silicon Valley Syndrome’, where I offer exercises and stretches to combat the negative effects of sitting most hours of the day.

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New Year, New You Webinar
Zoom Video Conferencing
Check out my 20-minute segment in this January 2015 webinar. I discuss ways to help improve posture while sitting at your desk as well as proper body mechanics in bending forward and squatting.

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Just Picture It Episode 11
This 25 minute show offers an educational overview of Human Anatomy and how our body is affected by poor posture.

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High Five Fitness Episode 13
This 25 minute show starts with a thorough warm-up to get your body prepared for any length of run or physical activity, followed by a comprehensive lower body post-run stretch. Enjoy!

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High Five Fitness Episode 6
This 25 minute show focuses on How to Maximize Gluteus Muscle Activation to Prevent or Get Rid of Back Pain and Knee Pain.


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